Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

When the Sun comes out

Nothing makes a landscape more spectacular than the weather. Every change between clouds and sunshine creates unique impressions.

Photography is an art

of finding the extraordinary

in well known places.

The area around the Three Peaks in the Sesto Dolomites is known worldwide, has been travelled a lot and has been photographed extremely often. Mostly they shine in the most beautiful light in front of a blue sky. But today it was not so…

The Start

For a long time we wondered whether the way to the Three Peaks and the ascent to the Aurenzo Hut would be worthwhile. Rain and wind had been reported.

But there were no other possibilities, because already the next day the journey should continue. We decided to dare the way.

Arrived, the weather forecast should be right. Already during the ascent the Three Peaks were hidden behind thick clouds and the first meters of the way did not change. But the hope remained…


The Way

The route takes us along the Capella degli Alipini towards the Paternkofel. The whole time it remained cloudy and partly rainy. But again and again the cloud cover tore open and let single rays of light through.

The constant changes in weather made the beautiful landscape even more imposing and breathtaking. One had the feeling to be somewhere else every minute.

Across the Paternsattel one could first only guess at the scale of the scenery. Single peaks of the Galeria del Monte Paterno stood out for a short time and disappeared at the same moment.


Find the extraordinary

Again and again there were short moments in which one could look far into the mountains and valleys.

Suddenly the seemingly endless hiking trails could be seen and also the Dreizinnenhütte suddenly appeared on the horizon. Unfortunately the Three Peaks were completely hidden. They did not allow us a single view of their summits on this day.

But the Torre Dei Scarperi had a completely different opinion about us. All of a sudden the sun pushed the clouds a little bit aside and illuminated the summit of the Torre Dei Scarperi in the most beautiful light.

Not the Tre Cime, but this extraordinary moment will be remembered and captured on a photo.


Klick left, not right!