About me

About me

My Motivation

Photography is an art of finding the extraordinary in well known places.

The landscape is actually always the same. What makes the difference is the season, the weather and the light. To take a great photo, the real challenge is to be in the right place at the right time.

The right time often requires getting up early or staying up late. To get to the right place you need long walks and the right equipment, like hiking boots etc.

Nevertheless the effort is worth it. For me it is not only about taking the „perfect“ photo, but to use photography to escape from everyday life and to clear my head.

If you are looking for the best motif, you perceive the landscape in a different and much more intense way. For me a super life balance.



Since I started taking pictures I have owned 5 different cameras. Currently I work with a Canon Eos 5D Mark IV.



In total I owned 11 different lenses. My favorite lens so far is the Canon EF 35 1.4 L.





Questions or suggestions?

I will gladly answer your questions and am always available for suggestions and ideas. Just write me.

Klick left, not right!